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Jobs and Benefits


Promote Japanese Products

Act as an influencer on social media to spread the charms of Japanese cuisine and food products, from popular items like sushi and ramen to hidden gems waiting to be discovered.


Write Reviews for Japanese Inns and Tourist Attractions

Visit a tourist attraction or stay in a traditional Japanese inn and write a review. Fill out questionnaires that give us detailed feedback to make improvements. Contribute to the enhancement of the tourist experience.


Solve Problems in Rural Japan

Write Reviews for Japanese Inns and Tourist Attractions Visit a tourist attraction or stay in a traditional Japanese inn and write a review. Fill out questionnaires that give us detailed feedback to make improvements. Contribute to the enhancement of the tourist experience.


Take part in an Internship

Receive information on official internship opportunities that provide recognized or required university credits. Be part of the development of Japan’s corporate world.


Interact with Other Ambassadors

Discover a new Japan by interacting with other ambassadors with similar interests or by diving into a new community.


Join Meetup Events and Meet Japanese Friends

Expand your network by joining online and offline meetup events to make new Japanese friends.


Receive Exclusive Information About Japan

Get first-hand information on the latest news and trends directly from Japan, no matter which part of the world you are in.


Get the Ambassador Badge

Participate in different projects to claim the Ambassador Badge.

Four Levels of Certification

Enjoy different benefits and privileges according to the different levels of certification as a NIHON Ambassador.


Anyone who falls in love with Japan will be certified as a NIHON Lover. Please apply through the form at the bottom of this page.


We will contact NIHON Lovers who have been nominated to hold auditions. If you pass the audition, you will be certified as a NIHON consultant who can take outsourcing job offers from Japanese companies and local governments.


As with the NIHON Consultant process, you will be certified as a NIHON Valuator when you pass an audition. The NIHON Valuator can receive outsourcing job offers, primarily to evaluate Japanese products or experiences from your own unique perspective.


As with the NIHON consultant process, you will be certified as a NIHON Influencer when you pass an audition. The NIHON Influencer can receive outsourcing job offers, primarily to promote Japanese products and experiences to people in your home country using SNS, YouTube or other methods.

To Become an Ambassador

Step 1


Please apply through form at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email notifying you that your application has been accepted and you have been certified as a NIHON Lover.

Step 2

Receive an invitation

Some NIHON Lovers will receive audition invitations to become a NIHON Consultant, NIHON Valuator, or NIHON Influencer.

Step 3


The audition includes answering a questionnaire and an online interview.

Step 4


Depending on the audition result, the person will be certified as a NIHON Lover, NIHON Consultant, NIHON Valuator or NIHON Influencer.

Special Ambassadors

MaoMao TV

MaoMao TV is a famous YouTuber from Taiwan. Started using YouTube in 2012 to promote Japanese products, services and tourist attractions to people in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Her YouTube videos are mainly in Chinese, but she is fluent in Chinese, English and Japanese. MaoMao collaborates with other Youtubers and is passionate about grooming younger Youtubers. Her favorite aspect of Japan is how it has "created a new and unique culture while protecting traditions." She currently has 774,000 followers on her YouTube Channel and 129,000 followers on Instagram.

MaoMao TV maomaotv

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Tyas Sosen

Tyas Sosen graduated from Belgium’s Leuven University with a degree in Japanology. He has a Master of Arts in the literature, history and culture of 17th-century Japan from Kansai University in Osaka. He is the youngest foreigner ever to have achieved fully qualified instructorship in the Way of Tea as taught by the (warrior-style) Enshū school, as well as the first Belgian to be certified as a Nihoncha (Japanese tea) Instructor. He conducts demonstrations, lectures and workshops concerning the tradition, philosophy and aesthetics of the tea ceremony and Japanese culture.

tyas.sosen Kyūgetsu The Tea Crane

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Alessandro de Bellegarde

Alessandro de Bellegarde is originally from New York. He has lived in Kyoto, Japan since 2010 where he produces multimedia projects ranging from virtual/augmented reality applications, digital preservation programs, films and music videos for an international audience. Among his more recent work, he has produced the world's first sanctioned UHD Stereoscopic 360° content for Japan's largest festival, Gion Matsuri, in partnership with the Kankoboko and Hakurakutenyama preservation societies. “My favorite part about Japan was discovering Kyoto. The city’s historical beauty and culture creates a special identity for everyone who lives here. Kyoto is an intricate puzzle that encourages you to discover all of its secrets and always surprises you no matter how much you think you have uncovered. Upon my very first week of moving to Kyoto I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life here.”


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Official Supporter

Daijiro Fujita

CEO of Lucir/CCO Board Member of CO&CO. A Japanese teacher and a Japanese tea specialist. Daijiro Fujita is currently working to promote Japan to the world, utilizing his international network of Japan lovers and his professional experience supporting overseas business expansion and managing a Japanese language school.

Issey Maeda

Born in Tokyo, Issey Maeda started investing in venture start-ups and business development in 2006. He has been involved in the establishment of several companies in Japan and around the world as a stakeholder and board member. Issey founded the Agriculture and Food Company–Agri Holdings in 2013 and is currently investing in and building the global value chain of Japan’s agriculture.

Dennis Chia

Born in Singapore. Graduated from Waseda University in 2012 and the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo in 2016. An avid language learner and traveler, Dennis went to all 47 prefectures of Japan during his first four years in Japan. Having established an extensive social network consisting of educational personnel, craftsman, politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs and designers, Dennis started his own social enterprise, Boundless, in 2017 with the aim of reevaluating the charms of rural Japan and finding solutions for the multitude of problems that rural Japan faces.


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